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Join Change Innovators in Empowering Change at the CPHRMB Conference and Win an iPad & Stylus pen!

For over two decades, Change Innovators has been the trailblazer in transformative leadership programs, setting the gold standard for excellence in the field. Today, we proudly stand as the Champion Sponsor of the CPHRMB Conference.

And here's what makes this year's sponsorship extraordinary. We're choosing to make a real impact by redirecting our resources towards charitable donations on your behalf, and the best part is that you get to decide where your share of the contribution will go.

For every attendee, we've allocated $5 for the charities we support - three remarkable organisations: Ripple Effect, Billy Chip, and Career Trek.

And that’s not all; everyone who participates in the charity donation will be entered into a raffle, with one lucky winner walking away with a brand-new iPad and Stylus pen.

At Change Innovators, we don't just observe the world; we envision it through a sustainable lens. We firmly believe that every action we take creates a ripple effect, influencing future generations. By contributing to these charities, you're actively shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Now it's your turn to make a difference by choosing where your $5 goes. We invite you to select one of the extraordinary charities we're proudly supporting.

Please note that donations are only available 
on October 25th, between 12-3 pm.

Formerly known as 'Send A Cow,' Ripple Effect unites smallholder farmers to learn more, grow more, and sell more. For every family Ripple Effect assists, another three families benefit.
Billy Chip's mission is to bridge the gap between people experiencing homelessness and the public. Members of the public can purchase Billy Chips at coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, or convenience stores and offer them to individuals in need. These tokens can then be exchanged for hot food and beverages, creating a meaningful connection and significant impact.
Empowering future leaders through educational opportunities: Career Trek supports young people in Manitoba. Career Trek partners with schools, post-secondary institutions, and local communities to deliver career education. This ensures that participants receive real-world, hands-on learning and experience.

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Your generosity will leave a lasting impact, and we sincerely appreciate your dedication to a more promising tomorrow.

Plus, as an added bonus, one lucky person will be selected to win a brand-new iPad and Stylus pen.

urious about how much we've raised for your selected charity?

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On behalf of the Charities and the team at Change Innovators, thank you for being a part of this change-making journey today!